cooperation ella raidel rené straub

by invitation of martin sturm, the o.k centrum für gegenwartskunst in linz supported the postproduction of the video shot in johannesburg during november 2001.

the skyline of johannesburg in the morning. light comes gradually, the golden hills of the gold mines glitter on the horizon. although a day is beginning, the buildings remain lifeless: the office high-rises are abandoned, the floors of the hotels empty. the billboards on the buildings are visible only as faded shadows of themselves. a few articles of laundry are hung on the roofs. some of the office buildings have been adapted as housing. the skyline at night has nothing of the brilliance of a metropolis either - there is hardly a light turned on anywhere. the streets, though,a teeming with life.
The background of noise tells of the bustle of a city.

hard cut shows a city view of the skyline of johannesburg over the course of a day and through changing light. these images are interrupted by brief photographic scenes contrasting the abandoned office buildings with the vitality of the street.